A Battle Of The Retail Giants In North Lakes Brisbane

Posted on the December 4th, 2013 under Friends by Jamie Grant


“North Lakes began as a gazetted suburb back in 2006, since then it has expanded to an estimated 17,000 residents and boasts three schools in the suburb itself and has an additional three in close proximity. There is a sprawling Westfield shopping centre that boasts over 200 shops and is due for further expansion in 2014 should all the plans be approved.” OXMAR Properties.

Westfield has not been content simply to expand their holdings with a planned Ikea and cinema complex. Rather they have attempted to curtail other shopping centres in the area with aggressive legal tactics. Retail giant Westfield made a submission to the council against Costco, a co-operative based discount retailer known for their vast warehouses and against nearby Mango Hill Marketplace. On both occasions the retail giant has lost the appeal to council. In the case raised against Costco Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney stepped into the legal stoush brewing in North Lakes and used his ministerial call-in power to ensure that the development would go ahead and Westfield are unable to pursue legal proceedings.


Outrage Over Westfields Expensive Parking Monopoly!

This is the first time the Newman Government has exercised its powers in this way and has done so in response to a rising tide of court battles as retail giants seek dominion over one another in the market place. Over 20 appeals against retail plans and shopping centre applications have been lodged in the Planning and Environment court over the last few years. The massive legal fees involved are crippling some Councils as cashed up multinational corporations wage a turf war in suburban Brisbane. The knock on effect of which is that councils may have to hike rates to cope with spiraling legal battles, and the developments that do gain approval have often been delayed by more than two years and the developers have incurred sizable legal expenses of their own, which get passed onto the average person.

Whilst Westfield touts that it is providing a service to the community and a provider of employment they have refused to allow a modest raise in wages for the cleaners in their centres for over two years. Yet simultaneously attempt to add boom gates and paid parking in Westfield West Lakes to further squeeze the average consumer. The union representing the cleaners, United Voice, has not taken this lying down and has initiated a clean sweep of Westfield’s books and has discovered some rather disturbing facts:

Pay your Taxes Westfield.

Pay your Taxes Westfield.


Westfield Continues to Rake in Billions!!

Westfield continue to rake in Billions of dollars worth of profit and seek any way possible to avoid paying tax as they have done in the UK where they paid less than ½ million pounds tax on 2.7 Billion pounds of profit in the last ten years. It is this tax avoidance that is the worst offence, as none of it is illegal, but it is dishonest in spirit and robs our government of millions of dollars of lost tax revenue. Westfield have 54 tax havens scattered around the world and funnels much of its profits through a labyrinth of holding companies.

There may be a battle of goliaths for our retail dollar, but if we take that dollar and spend it else where, perhaps they may just have to listen.

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