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Migraine is Not a Vascular Headache

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Migraine attacks is a common condition and is ranked the top three most prevalent disorder in the world.

Migraine is also ranked the top seventh highest causes of disability worldwide. 1

In accordance to the International Headache Society, migraines are predominantly experienced on one side of the head and face. Symptoms are a throbbing and pulsating like pain, which can also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, as well as, being sensitive to smell, sound and light. Pain intensity ranges from a moderate to severe level to the point where sufferers can be bedridden during a severe attack.

Migraine sufferers may also experience aura symptoms. Aura symptoms can encompass altered visions where flickering lights, dark or white spots, and multiple lines can be viewed. In some cases temporary loss of their vision also occurs. They may also experience speech disturbances as well as, pins and needles.

These symptoms can last between 4 hours to 72 hours.


The misconception of the exact cause of a migraine attack was thought to be due to the expansion and vasodilation of the blood vessels within the head. The pulsating and throbbing pain sensation was believed to be due to an increase in blood pumping around the head to cause a pulsating type migraine pain.

The idea and belief that a migraine was due to the expansion of blood vessels has been proven false. Recent research and studies utilizing transcranial Doppler have shown that migraine is not a vascular headache, and not due to vasodilation of the blood vessels. 2

In fact, studies comparing those suffering from a migraine attack compared to those who were not suffering from a migraine attack, revealed that there was no significant differences with their blood vessels vasodilating and expanding. 3

There has been continuing support and evidence to show this to be the case, which indicates that migraine is not a vascular headache.

The next article will explain the scientific causes of migraines and what triggers a migraine. For further information visit The Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic which deals with the treatment of headaches and migraines. Information about this clinic can be found at Headache Brisbane or Brisbane Migraine or the Headache Clinic Brisbane


1. Global Burden of Disease Survey 2010

2. (Goadsby, P,J, (2009) The vascular theory of Migraine. A great story wrecked by the facts. Brain, 132 (1), pp 6-7.

3. Thomsen, l. L., Iversen, H.K., & Olesen, J. (1995). Cerebral blood flow velocities are reduced during attacks of unilateral migraine without aura. Cephalaglia, 15(2), 109-116.

No need to suffer

No need to suffer

Tools Of The Trade – What Does A Plumber Pack For A Days Work?

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Tradesmen will have a range of tools that assist them with completing the daily tasks that constitute their working profession. Plumbers are no exception to this rule and will have a selection of tools both mechanical and mundane that enable them to diagnose an issue with your plumbing and fix that problem once detected.

Selecting A Local Tree Removal Specialist In Brisbane.

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Brisbane is a rolling green and verdant city with a plethora of parks and gardens. In a subtropical paradise plants and trees will grow uncontrolled unless they are well maintained and controlled. Having large trees in your yard is a blessing during the long hot summer months providing deep shade to shelter in from the scorching sun. But these same trees that provide shade and beauty may also be a major threat to your home or the safety of the people that you care for.

An example of an overgrown tree.

An example of an overgrown tree.

Should your garden have gone untended for some time, there may be large over grown branches that encroach above your home and over hang the fence. It is possible to trim minor branches back yourself, and doing your own garden maintenance at this time of year is very important. But for large trees that may present a possible threat should be attended to by a trained tree lopping expert.

A Battle Of The Retail Giants In North Lakes Brisbane

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“North Lakes began as a gazetted suburb back in 2006, since then it has expanded to an estimated 17,000 residents and boasts three schools in the suburb itself and has an additional three in close proximity. There is a sprawling Westfield shopping centre that boasts over 200 shops and is due for further expansion in 2014 should all the plans be approved.” OXMAR Properties.

Westfield has not been content simply to expand their holdings with a planned Ikea and cinema complex. Rather they have attempted to curtail other shopping centres in the area with aggressive legal tactics. Retail giant Westfield made a submission to the council against Costco, a co-operative based discount retailer known for their vast warehouses and against nearby Mango Hill Marketplace. On both occasions the retail giant has lost the appeal to council. In the case raised against Costco Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney stepped into the legal stoush brewing in North Lakes and used his ministerial call-in power to ensure that the development would go ahead and Westfield are unable to pursue legal proceedings.


Outrage Over Westfields Expensive Parking Monopoly!

From Daguerreotype To DSLR; A Brief History Of Photography.

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Have you ever wondered why set shot poses for weddings seem so stiff?

Have you ever wondered why set shot poses for weddings seem so stiff?


Have you ever wondered why set shot poses for weddings seem so stiff? It is not a common question, but the cultural origins for the structured set shot originate with the developing technology of image capture.

The earliest method of capturing an image was with the use of a camera obscura, essentially a darkened space lit by a single aperture, an archaic word for hole or gap from the Latin apertura.  When the light thrown from this aperture was exposed against a flat surface at the correct distance there would be an inverted image of the landscape outside. Aristotle was the first western philosopher to notice the phenomenon of image projection with scattered light by observing the image of a partial eclipse in the dappled shade of a leafy tree. Yet it was in the philosophical writings of Mozi of China during the 5th century BCE were the first ever to describe the phenomenon.

I’m A Lumber Jack And I’m Ok.

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old-lumberjackThe term lumberjack conjures up images of heavily hirsute men wearing checked shirts and wielding overly large axes. These hard drinking, hard swearing, hard living men would ply their trade in the wilds of the world far from home and all the comforts of family and the feminine.

Whilst the time of the Lumber Jack may have passed us by with the advent of modern logging machinery such as the chainsaw, the stump grinder and the feller buncher, there are still vestiges of this logging culture that remain present in our modern world. Perhaps the most obvious would be the large number of Hipster boys wearing plaid shirts and sporting bristling beards. I am personally puzzled by the amount of pampered college graduates who have never suffered the harsh conditions of the turn-of-the-century logging industry, choose to emulate this look. Is it an exercise in Irony? I’m not truly sure why Brisbane hipsters will wear heavy plaid shirts and jackets in sub-tropical heat. Perhaps they are trying to emulate the hazards of tree lopping in an Avant guard way?

On Skid Row?

Another vestige of the world of tree removal around the turn of the century is the term Skid Row. Today we associate the term with places where the poor and homeless gather (possibly also hipsters trying to increase their social capitol or to find a discarded plaid shirt). Yet the term was originally associated with the logging industry and described the dedicated path or corduroy road that logs were skidded down. In Seattle one such street was named Skid Row. After many years the street became populated with homeless folk (and possibly hipsters seeking an authentic homeless experience). And so the term Skid Row became associated with poverty and homelessness. Not to be confused with the ‘80’s rock band of the same name.

Another term popularised by the early logging industry was the term Punk. More specifically Whistle Punk. This was a job usually filled by the oldest or youngest member of the logging crew and was responsible for communicating to the teams of lumberjacks deep in the forest. The etymology of the term does not stretch back further than the turn of the 20th century and will generally mean the lowest, most menial or least valuable person or thing.

Lumber Jack Hipster!

Lumber Jack Hipster!

The overwhelmingly manly image of the lumberjack has been parodied in various forms, not the least by effeminate hipsters, but certainly most popularly by the Monty Python crew in their song and dance number – “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m ok.” In which the outwardly manly Lumberjack confesses to wearing suspenders and a bra. Perhaps not the most masculine of attire, hence the delightful irony.

Yet modern day Hipsters have taken this irony a step further and are taking these traditional images of masculinity and disassociating them from violence, raping and making a living from killing other things and making them synonymous with intelligence, creativity and peace.

Changing Industry.

Tree lopping, tree removal and all the associated industries have changed radically since the time of cross saws and hand cutting. Vast swathes of trees are felled with a minimum of manpower, and what was once one of the most dangerous professions on earth has been tamed and sanitized.

Thankyou for reading this article on tree removal, no hipsters were harmed in the writing of this article!

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Historical Footage of Early Modern Tree Removal


Mediation & Property Settlements

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Mediation can save you thousands of Dollars.

Mediation can save you thousands of Dollars.


Nowadays more than 50% of marriages end in divorce.  In most marriages a property settlement will need to occur to divide assets between ex-partners.  For a lot of people this process is extremely confusing.  The purpose of this article is to explain how a court judge will decide the division of assets in a property pool and help you to prepare for legal or mediation process.

What The Court Sees

Judges apply a 4-step process when deciding on a percentage split for assets in a marriage.  After valuing the property pool, the court looks at each partner’s contribution towards the marriage.   Ultimately, the court will value financial contributions (e.g., salary) as much as non-financial contributions (e.g., looking after children).  For example, a medical specialist earning over $1M/ year’s contribution will be the same as their spouse looking after the children, assuming it is a long marriage.  A short marriage is a relationship that is shorter than 5 years.  Any marriage that lasts over 5 years in duration is considered by the court to be a long marriage.

It is also important to understand when you form a defacto relationship.  A defacto relationship is formed after living with your partner for 2 years.  And the length of a relationship in the case of divorce occurs from the moment you choose to move in together not the start date of the marriage.

The court also takes into consideration future needs.  For example, if you have decided to quit your job to look after your child, you will be compensated at the time of separation because your future earning potential will be lowered as a result of this decision.  The court will also take into account the age of the child.  For example, if you have sole custody of the children and they are at a young age, expect this to be taken into consideration in the final settlement amount that you will receive.

Financial Agreements

Another issue is financial agreements that can be entered into prior to or during a relationship.  These agreements are known as Binding Financial Agreement or Pre Nuptial Agreement if entered into prior to marriage.  If you decide to do one – make sure to do it properly.  If you don’t – then they are not worth the paper that they are written on.  Expect to pay between $6,000-$7,000 for a lawyer to draft the agreement.  Make sure that both parties obtain legal advice otherwise the agreement won’t stand up in court.

From a psychological point of view – ultimately, divorce is going to be painful.  There is no getting around that point.  Yes – you can minimise the damage and protect yourself (somewhat) but it is still going to hurt (both financially and emotionally).  This may put a lot of people off ever entering a marriage.  Thinking about the negatives if it doesn’t work out.

But what’s the alternative?  Choosing not to enter a serious relationship because of what may go wrong.  This is living a life based on fear.  You can apply this rationale to any big decision that you make in life.  From going on a holiday, to

buying a car or purchasing a house.  Would you not do any of these things purely based on the fear of what may go wrong?

It is very important in life not to make decisions based on fear.  It really is a shame that some people never overcome this fear and enter a fulfilling and long lasting relationship.  Oftentimes their life is not the same as a result.  Now you have the facts and hopefully you can make an informed decision about your relationship as a result.

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Here Is A Family Mediation In Process.

Plumbing The Past: A Tour Of The Sewers Of History

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Civilizations have strived, flourished and thrived or faded, withered and perished with the tides of their sewerage systems.

You may scoff at this bold statement. But, see how long you remained civilized should your neighbour refuse to fix their broken sewer pipe that leaks.

The neighbour should do the right thing and call an emergency plumber, but it does illustrate a point, that when waste is not managed life quickly gets uncivilized.

Some civilizations unable to cope with the population increase have produced more waste than their sewerage systems could manage, thus allowing breeding grounds of pests and disease causing wide spread plague and death amongst the populace, as with the Justinian Plague of Constantinople where up to ten thousand citizens died daily from the horrible bubonic plague.

Plumbing has also allowed for the greatest of achievements, where the humble trade of plumbing is raised to the rarefied air of high Art. If only we were still able to ramble about the ramparts of Babylon and gaze upon the Hanging Gardens, which were fed an estimated 37,000 litres of water each and every day up to a garden that soared up to 170 feet in the air. We would have witnessed one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world and all made possible through the amazing art of Plumbing.

Harrapan Hydration.

Harrapa was an ancient city situated in what is now Pakistan. The Indus Valley was the cradle for this very advanced civilization, comparable to the Egyptians of the time, with a few exceptions. The one that is of interest in this article is the high level of sophisticated plumbing the Harrapans had access to.

Harrapa was an ancient city situated in what is now Pakistan.

Harrapa was an ancient city situated in what is now Pakistan.

Copper piping was discovered during digs conducted by the British in the 1920’s. Dating methods estimate the tubing to be around 5,500 years old, which makes it the old copper tubing in the world. Further excavation by archaeological anthropologists discovered a great deal of evidence that the Harrapan people revered water and rivers as a God, or perhaps Gods, depending on the theory. Over 700 finely crafted wells were discovered, and houses had relatively advanced plumbing systems, utilizing fired clay pipes that had flanges to assist with seam less joining. These flanged clay pipes were connected with pitch to seal the sewerage in and transport it to central cess pits that would have been cleared periodically. Drinking water was carried through a completely different set of piping and was separated from any effluent that was also carried around the city in an extensive pipe network.

The great bath-house

The great bath-house

Perhaps the most impressive of the Harrapan constructions was the great bath-house. This enormous public bath was 40 metres long and thirty metres wide and was carved an incredible eight metres deep in to the bedrock. The great bath was lined with fired clay bricks and set with gypsum plaster acting as a mortar. The entire surface was covered with bitumen to seal it and ensured no seepage. A façade of bricks was said to cover the bitumen that were finely crafted and decorative in purpose.

It is still unknown why this great civilization faded in the desert, some anthropologists believe the warlike Aryans from the north whittled them away, others believe that internal unrest was the final demise of this ancient culture.

However they were to have passed into distant memory, the artifacts that remain show us a people whose veneration of water enabled them to be master plumbers far ahead of their time.

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Harappan Civilization – Indus Valley Civilization



Jamie Grant.

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Weird And Wonderful Facts About Magic

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Magic is the perception of something as it is not, not as it is.


We often think of stage magic as only light entertainment, mere trickery that may fool the eye but not the mind. Stage magic is seen by many as suitable only for making young children gasp at the tricks of a birthday magician. Yet magic is a powerful medium. The secrets of magic have halted conflict and inspired wisdom. Magic has made men rich beyond compare and driven powerful men crazy. In this article I will explore the weird and wonderful world of magic.

The Patron Saint of Illusionists.


Saint John Bosco or Don Bosco was born in a tiny hamlet in the north of Italy called I Becchi. His early life was saddened with the passing of his father when he was but two years old. Yet it was not the absence of a father figure or even his mother’s deep faith that had him dedicate his life to the love and caring of orphans. Rather it was a series of prophetic dreams in which the young John Bosco saw a group of boys cursing and blaspheming. John went to strike at the blaspheming boys, but an older man stepped in and told him “Do not hit them, but with kindness and love, you must win over these your friends.” John then aged but nine years old dedicated his life to the principles of Reason, Religion and Loving-kindness.

To win over the many orphans in his diocese John learnt simple stage magic and tricks that the children loved to see. He would use the tricks to teach the children and to help them. He created an orphanage where many orphan boys would learn trades and be safe from the depredations of street life. Even today in many of the Salesian schools performance and magic is taught. Whilst Saint John Bosco is not the official saint of Illusionists, he is venerated on a holy day where priests who practice gospel magic will give performances to venerate their treasured Saint.

The Magician who stopped a War


Robert Houdin, from whom Harry Houdini based his name

Robert Houdin, from whom Harry Houdini based his name

Robert Houdin, from whom Harry Houdini based his name, is well known as the father of modern magic. Single handed Robert Houdin took magic from the street corners and gypsy fairs to the parlour rooms and noble houses of the European aristocracy. The son of a watchmaker, Houdin was fascinated with mechanical apparatus and fashioned many incredible illusions incorporating clock work marvels. The most famous of which was the Orange Tree illusion. Yet his greatest feat was not to be accomplished until after he had retired.


There was insurrection brewing the Algiers district that the French Monarchy could not contain. The local Marabout shaman who claimed to possess great spiritual power were fomenting the rebellion. Accounts of what exactly occurred in Algiers differ in many points save this one. A great Marabout warrior was chosen by Houdin and challenged to lift a small box. Houdin claimed that he could remove the warrior’s strength and no matter how mighty his effort the warrior was unable to lift the box. Afraid that Houdin would also steal their strength the Marabout ceased sewing seeds of discontent and Robert Houdin returned to Paris a hero.

Thankyou for reading this article about Magic.

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Types Of Retaining Walls

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There are a number of basic types of retaining wall. They are used in different applications depending on the environment and materials available for construction.

Gravity Walls


Gravity Wall

Gravity Wall

These heavy retaining walls are often made from rough hewn stone and created using a mortar less construction method by piling loose stones on top of one another and back filling to create level areas. This type of construction is the most ancient of all retaining walls. There are examples of gravity retaining walls throughout history as this dry stonewalling was the easiest in terms of material and labour. The construction of an effective Gravity wall depends on the base of the wall being much thicker than the apex. This compensates for shift stones and ensures that the wall can resist the pressure of the earth it is supporting. The lack of mortar makes the wall somewhat porous and allows any build up from rains to drain away through the wall without damaging the structure.

There have been great advances in the engineering of modern building materials. Recent developments have added ‘link blocks’ to the landscape gardeners repertoire. These modern blocks are made from moulded concrete and have flanges that allow them to be seamlessly linked together without the use of mortar. There are a number of advantages to this construction method, such as the ability to rework a wall if it is not quite right by simply unlinking the blocks and re constructing to the desired shape.

Cantilever Retaining Walls

Cantilever Retaining Walls

Cantilever Retaining Walls

Cantilevered retaining walls tend to be taller than gravity walls and due to the bracing they provide are often able to hold back greater pressure. A cantilever retaining wall is built in the shape of an inverted ‘T’ and is often constructed with steel reinforcing to ensure structure stability. These walls are of a uniform thickness, unlike the basic gravity wall, and should only be designed by an experienced structural engineer. Traditionally Cantilever retaining walls were most commonly found in large projects where the retention of tonnes of earth was required. Modern engineering methods have allowed advances in construction methods leading to Anchored Retaining Walls and Mechanically Stabilised Earth Walls.

Counterfort Retaining Walls


These modern concept retaining walls are similar to cantilever wall in that they will almost always have a footing that supports the weight of the wall. Additional buttresses are added to the foot to ensure greater stability. Counterfort retaining walls are most commonly support dam wall and are able to withstand the enormous pressures that water exerts on a structure.

Anchored Retaining Walls


Anchored Retaining Walls

Anchored Retaining Walls

Anchored retaining walls are often slimmer than all their counterparts, often employed where footing size is an issue. However an additional ‘anchor’ is embedded in the earth to be stabilised. This is often achieved by injecting a bulb of concrete in the earth and affix ties or struts that sink into the concrete and provide greater stability to the entire structure. These walls can be very tall and support high loads and are ideal for smaller areas that need earth retention.

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