Weird And Wonderful Facts About Magic

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Magic is the perception of something as it is not, not as it is.


We often think of stage magic as only light entertainment, mere trickery that may fool the eye but not the mind. Stage magic is seen by many as suitable only for making young children gasp at the tricks of a birthday magician. Yet magic is a powerful medium. The secrets of magic have halted conflict and inspired wisdom. Magic has made men rich beyond compare and driven powerful men crazy. In this article I will explore the weird and wonderful world of magic.

The Patron Saint of Illusionists.


Saint John Bosco or Don Bosco was born in a tiny hamlet in the north of Italy called I Becchi. His early life was saddened with the passing of his father when he was but two years old. Yet it was not the absence of a father figure or even his mother’s deep faith that had him dedicate his life to the love and caring of orphans. Rather it was a series of prophetic dreams in which the young John Bosco saw a group of boys cursing and blaspheming. John went to strike at the blaspheming boys, but an older man stepped in and told him “Do not hit them, but with kindness and love, you must win over these your friends.” John then aged but nine years old dedicated his life to the principles of Reason, Religion and Loving-kindness.

To win over the many orphans in his diocese John learnt simple stage magic and tricks that the children loved to see. He would use the tricks to teach the children and to help them. He created an orphanage where many orphan boys would learn trades and be safe from the depredations of street life. Even today in many of the Salesian schools performance and magic is taught. Whilst Saint John Bosco is not the official saint of Illusionists, he is venerated on a holy day where priests who practice gospel magic will give performances to venerate their treasured Saint.

The Magician who stopped a War


Robert Houdin, from whom Harry Houdini based his name

Robert Houdin, from whom Harry Houdini based his name

Robert Houdin, from whom Harry Houdini based his name, is well known as the father of modern magic. Single handed Robert Houdin took magic from the street corners and gypsy fairs to the parlour rooms and noble houses of the European aristocracy. The son of a watchmaker, Houdin was fascinated with mechanical apparatus and fashioned many incredible illusions incorporating clock work marvels. The most famous of which was the Orange Tree illusion. Yet his greatest feat was not to be accomplished until after he had retired.


There was insurrection brewing the Algiers district that the French Monarchy could not contain. The local Marabout shaman who claimed to possess great spiritual power were fomenting the rebellion. Accounts of what exactly occurred in Algiers differ in many points save this one. A great Marabout warrior was chosen by Houdin and challenged to lift a small box. Houdin claimed that he could remove the warrior’s strength and no matter how mighty his effort the warrior was unable to lift the box. Afraid that Houdin would also steal their strength the Marabout ceased sewing seeds of discontent and Robert Houdin returned to Paris a hero.

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