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Effective virus removal strategies that work. With over 10 years expeience as a computer technician, I have developed a method that works. All computers connected to the internet are at risk!

Virus Alert

All computers connected to the internet are vulnerable to virus attacks and security threats. A computer virus is a software program that you unknowingly download and install on your computer. These viruses invade your computer and can take over the normal functions of the machine causing it to behave unusually and in some instances steal your private data.

A computer virus can come in many forms including Trojans. A Trojan will usually transmit data back to a secret email address and steal your passwords to gain access to your credit card or bank account details. Often these Trojans are a part of an international identity theft scheme. Hackers steal your information and set up fake identities using your details to commit fraud in your name.


We specialise!

We specialise in Computer Virus removal and can remove all viruses from your computer with the need to lose any data. We can also secure your computer in order to prevent further virus attacks.

We use a specialised removal technique that permanently deletes the malware from your computer.

In most cases the cost of removing a computer virus is $100. In certain cases the fee maybe slightly higher due to the complexity of the virus and the nature of its intrusion.


What you can do


There are regular routines that you can apply to your computer to ensure that it is protected from security attacks. Some of these routines include:

  • Keeping your anti-virus software up to date
  • Cleaning out your browser cache
  • Never click on dubious links
  • Regular virus scans
  • Use an excellent anti-virus software

We will recommend a suitable anti-virus and internet security solution as part of our service. We will also teach you some basic security concepts as part of our service.

We can come to your home or office in Brisbane. A call out fee of $60 will apply in most cases.

Alternatively you can come to us.

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