The Latest High Powered Gutter Vacuum

Posted on the May 20th, 2014 under Friends by Matthew Graham


Matthew’s 21 horsepower machine is a class above the rest and displays an amazing array of functions.

Matthew’s vacuum allows him to access many remote locations, perhaps on rural properties or large commercial developments. Matthews’s systems allow him to do this by not relying on mains power or the need for onsite water. This adaption provides Matthew with virtually endless scenarios with which this equipment can be used to help you with your gutter vacuuming.

Albeit gutter vacuuming is a great way to manage your roof and gutter maintenance needs, there are other applications this system has been used for. The gutter vacuum has proven effective in the cleaning of rainwater tank mesh filters, the removal of animal and pet droppings and the removal of excessive spider and other web-type build ups and vermin habitats. All great reason as to why contacting MGGV for a free quote may be the solution you have been looking for. It is the ability of Matthews’s great team that allows them to diversify. So let a local professional give you the service you need.

See The High Powered Vacuum in Action.

Due to the high increase in interest, MGGV is pleased to announce that we have increased our service area to welcome those in need as far north as Coolangatta and surrounding areas and as far south as Ballina and surrounding areas, while still remaining as reliable as ever in the Northern Rivers.

Gutter vacuuming Northern Rivers

Gutter vacuuming Northern Rivers

For more details on Gutter Cleaning Northern Rivers visit our Website or Click here.

The Latest High Powered Gutter Vacuum
Article Name
The Latest High Powered Gutter Vacuum
The latest gear being used at MGGV is leading the way in how a great gutter vacuuming specialist services your roofs and gutters.

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