Legends of Stump Grinding

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There are many good reasons to grind away the last remnants of a tree you have removed. You may consider it untidy, you may want an unblemished lawn, you may be a farmer and need the area for cropping, or it may simply be one of those pesky trees that will re-shoot from the stump; which would kind of defeat the purpose of cutting the tree down in the first place. According to legend, one old time Farmer found an innovative use for the stump left behind by the biggest tree he harvested on his property in Northern NSW many years ago. He utilised one method after another to remove the stumps of other trees; he used the tractor to pull smaller ones out, he allowed time to breakdown some of the larger ones, being a cattle farm owner he didn’t necessarily need the land free of stumps. One method he used was to burn a few of the biggest stumps, this process was slower than he expected and to prevent the spread of fire, needed constant supervision.

When it came to the single largest tree stump, he was, well – stumped. The timber harvested from this tree was to be used to build two separate, and quite large, homes. Unfortunately, the stump was in the middle of his chosen home site. He considered the methods mentioned above and any process that would free up his home site for construction. What he decided to do is perhaps unprecedented; he treated the stump with preservative oils and chemicals, sealed it and then proceeded to build his house around it – fully enclosing it in the Dining Room. That’s right, he turned it into his Dining Table and handmade 16 chairs from the same trees lumber to place around it, apparently you could squeeze another 4-6 smaller seats in as well. He needed that many seats as, in keeping with the custom of the time, several ‘branches’ of the same family shared the property and its chores.

Gary Vermeer invented the first modern stump grinder.

Gary Vermeer invented the first modern stump grinder.

In 1956, the Vermeer Manufacturing Co. founder Gary Vermeer invented the first modern stump grinder. One major innovation was that this machine was capable of being operated by only one person, instead of several people as the previous incarnations required. He was the first to use a rotor that moved horizontally, although all had to be able to shift vertically. Some modern machines are able to grind away the stump to a depth of 24 inches. If you have the time, an alternative method of stump removal is to use nitrogen based fertilizers (a comparatively benign chemical) to accelerate the decay of the stump. This method works fine, and is environmentally friendly, but it does take quite a long time. This makes it generally unsuitable for industry or even most domestic cases. This process can take weeks, months or even years.

But why would a homeowner consider taking a risk when our professional team have all the information at hand to take the guesswork out of stump grinding… unless of course you need a big, bespoke dining table.

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Vermeer TG7000 tub grinder grinds tree stumps whole. Here we see it in action at San Antonio, Texas.


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